Reference amplifier


Soundastic Reference is a dual mono audio amplifier, the production of which is carried out in accordance with the latest technologies and world standards of quality and reliability.

The amplifier was built on the basis of the previous thirty years of experience of the company’s chief designer. After many years of tests and experiments, the topology of the distribution of individual elements of the interior of the amplifier from the proven 2000 design has been retained. In order to obtain optimal final effects, several dozen design changes were introduced.



Reference amplifier

is the another proposal from Soundastic (formerly Struss Audio) and the company’s next step in the pursuit of perfect sound.
The amplifier was created based on the previous experience of the designers. After many years of trials and experiments, the topology of the distribution of individual elements of the interior of the amplifier in a proven design from the previous model has been retained.
Reference is a dual mono circuit. The power of both channels is 100% independent of each other.
The phono preamplifier section provides support for MC and MM cartridges, single speaker terminals have been replaced with versions with “anti-short circuit collars”.
The main source is dedicated to a set of a pair of RCA and XLR sockets and four pairs of RCA inputs. Additionally, a three-pin IEC power socket integrated with the fuse compartment.
Inside the amplifier are two toroids, 500VA each, and four Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors.
The amplifier works in class AB with a power of 140W per channel into 8 Ω and 260W per channel into a load of 4 Ω.
The constructors used a patented solution (patent no. 176514), which affects:
  • Audio neutrality – guaranteed by using only JFET transistors and symmetrical inputs in the design. In the signal circuit, the amplifiers do not have a capacitor.
  • No supply voltage distortion – under dynamic load conditions, waveforms that are not mathematically definable are eliminated, and voltage fluctuations do not affect the bridge stability. This reduces non-linear distortion and improves the frequency response of the amplifier.

Also, this influences the quality of the audio signals processed and determines the high technical performance of the device.

The housing, in which the electronics is placed, is made of a metal alloy whose anti-magnetic nature guarantees a significant resistance to external interference, while the front plate is made of aluminum alloys used in the aviation industry.

360 view



8 Ω / 2 x 140 W (CLASS AB)

4 Ω / 2 x 260 W (CLASS AB)

Minimum impedance load: 1 Ω (instantaneous)
Output impedance:


40 VA – 1200 VA (PEAK)

Output impedance:
Distortion – THD:

0.05% at 1 W / 8 Ω

0.02% at 120 W / 8 Ω

Frequency response:5 Hz – 100 kHz – 3 dB / 1 W / 8Ω
Non-linearities in the frequency band:10 – 30,000 Hz: ± 0.01 dB
Slew rate:150 V/μs
Signal – noise ratio:130 dB (IHF – A)

4 x universal inputs – RCA XLR Amphenol

1 x separated CD / DAC – RCA

1 x phono MM – RCA

1 x phono MC – RCA

Input sensitivity:

500 mV – universal inputs and dedicated CD / DAC

500 mV – input XLR

3 mV – input MM

0,2 mV – input MC

Input impedance:100 kΩ; universal inputs and CD / DAC
22 kΩ XLR
47 kΩ MM
100 Ω MC
Potentiometer (volume):the highest precision model the Alps – Blue Velvet
Transformers:2 x toroidal, 500 VA each
Capacitors filtering the supply voltage:4 x 12 000 uF – Nippon Chemi-Con
Remote control:RC5 code (volume)
The REFERENCE / Ultimate / DM-250 amplifier fulfills all requirements and standards valid in the EU
Net weight:16 kg
Dimensions:430 x 95 x 358 mm
Manufacturer’s warranty:24 months

Instructions for the installation and use of the amplifier – download PDF


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