One of the most wanted components of the decade_DM 250 test on Stereo Times

DM 250 test on stereotimes.com, Author: Clement Perry, March, 2020

“Imagine this; an elegantly designed solid-state integrated with the brute low-end grip solid-state devices are famous for – but with the midrange of a vacuum tube? The DM250 possesses these sonic attributes in spades”. Clement Perry

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Szanowni Państwo, informujemy, że właściciele Struss Audio podjęli decyzję o zmianie nazwy spółki na Soundastic. Pod nową nazwą nadal będziemy produkować sprzęt audio, stawiając sobie za cel umożliwienie Państwu obcowania z pięknym i czystym dźwiękiem.

Dear Sirs, we would like to inform you that the owners of Struss Audio have decided to change the company's name to Soundastic. We will continue to produce audio equipment under the new name, with the goal of enabling you to experience beautiful and clear sound.

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